Pictures not showing in mobile app after pasting them from word

I'm using joplin in my iPhone and win 10 notebook. I've migrated some of my notes from word (ms office) to joplin by just ctrl-c ctrl-v'ing all the stuff. I also created a few notes with images from the printscreen function. The images have very different paths:

images from word: src="file:///C:/Users/zzzz/AppData/Local/Temp/msohtmlclip1/01/clip_image016.jpg"

images from printscreen: src=":/fd50738271744beaa494fca222a652de"

The that were copied from word wont show in the iphone app. I'd like help with a few things:

Is there a way to convert the work-like format to the print format (as i understand, that would be making the image local to joplin)?

Are the printed images actually "safe"? As in, they are actually stored inside joplin in a way that I wont somehow lose access to it? Does backing up my notes (via export) actually backup the images too, or should i have a folder with all my attachments and back that up instead? I just want to know what to do to avoid attachment losses (since thats what had me moving away from the last note program i used).



Yeah, that looks bad. Afaik, Joplin does support filesystem links of that kind, but it's a mis-feature in my opinion, because it leads to the sync issue you described. Technically, you can link any file on your harddrive to Joplin in this way, without duplicating the file... but c'mon!

Anyway, from a brief search online, I don't think anyone wrote a script to convert filesystem references to internal resources easily. So that's annoying. Sadly, my best advice would be to copy-paste into Evernote Legacy, and then export the Evernote notebook you used to ENEX, and then import the notebook in Joplin. That should probably do the trick. Iirc Evernote has pretty complex "clipboard fixing" that looks at where you're pasting from, and automatically edits the content / resources

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