Images randomly not showing on my phone

win 11 using this joplin

phone is iOS 16.1.2 iphone x

WYSIWYG editor

I usually create notes in my PC and then access them (just to read) in my phone, but sometimes images wont work on my phone. There have been instances of me accessing the note on my phone, everything was fine, but then i go back to it at a later date and the images wont load anymore. They just show up as small squares with a ? inside. In the PC, everything is working fine. When i right click imagem on PC and select reveal in folder, it shows the image alongside all others that I have for my other notes.
This is getting me nervous cus makes me feel like my notes can just corrupt out of nowhere and when that happens the only way ive been able to fix it is to re-paste all images one by one.
Is there any easier way to make the notes work on iOS app again other than repasting pics; or is there a way to prevent this from happening at least? thanks

this is what the image link looks like in PC btw

This following one is from a note that WORKS in the iOS app. It looks similar to the one above (that DOENST work) so its very confusing

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