Issue pasting images into Joplin Portable

I am currently importing all of my past notes manually, from a .doc into Joplin. When I paste images from the .doc into the Joplin note, it gives me an error, telling me that the image doesn’t exist in /JoplinProfile/tmp/*.png

Is there any way to fix this, without having to export all images manually, and attaching them afterward, or screenshotting each individual picture?

EDIT: Might I point out that, it is only when copy/pasting from the .doc file; I am having no problems with neither screenshot pasting or copying images directly from the web and pasting.

Word is special and is not explicitly supported. Instead of this manual process, why not convert them all to Markdown first using Pandoc? Then you can automatically import the Markdown files into Joplin.

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That is a good idea, thank you.