Photos in note from mobile client did not sync to desktop


Versions. 2.12.2 android, 2.12.12 win32

For the most part, sync has been working fine. I created a note today remotely, on the android client. I created it by 'sharing' 3 photos from the gallery to joplin. It opened a new note with the 3 photos in, as one would expect. I added a few lines of text, and it saved OK. Looks absolutely fine on the android client. When I get home, the android client syncs and I made sure it did that completely. Sync on the desktop, the note is there, but the images appear as broken links. Image below


Top of sync status from the desktop shows (as far as I can see) everything downloaded

Not downloaded: 0
Downloading: 0
Downloaded and decrypted: 6
Downloaded and encrypted: 0
Created locally: 19051
Error: 0

Should this have worked as one would expect? (in that the photos would be part of the note and sync) ?

As a little more info, when the photos were added to the note on the client, for each one it asked me if I wanted to rescale them (which is a great feature). I said yes to each, just in case that is relevant!

Thanks. This is the first decent issue I have come across in the last week or so of using Joplin. I hope someone can point me in the right direction.

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