The keyboard always covered the latest line in the bottom

I think Joplin is the best notebook app in the world. But I found a little bug.
When I type in Joplin app, the keyboard always covered the latest line, it’s hard to describe so I attached a screen record. It happened in all language.
My device is an iOS device and both the iOS and the Joplin app is the latest version.
I wonder if it’s a bug or a feature. And I wonder if it have any solutions? Thank you so much!

This is already fixed and will be part of the next release.


Thank you so much, dear developer! If you're free, can you take time to see another bug? Here is the link (AWS S3 Synchronisation Error on iOS deivce · Issue #4810 · laurent22/joplin · GitHub) Thank you again!

Will there be a scroll bar in the markdown editbox of Android app? It will be nice to navigate to anywhere of a long note in edit mode.

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