[Feature Suggestion] Direct Editing in Viewer Pane

I’d like to suggest a new mode: Direct Editing in Viewer Pane.

Turns out, I don’t like to constantly switch between Editor (markdown) and Viewer (formatted HTML) Panes, as well as to see two panes alongside each other. I’d very much like to work in Joplin in “MS Word” WYSIWYG mode - that is, to be able to simultaneously view formatted text AND edit it - in the same ONE pane, using currently available formatting panel.

Is it possible to implement such a feature?

Thank you!

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Hello, and welcome to the forum! Search is your friend. This has been discussed approximately a thousand times already. There also was a lot said about requests and preferences and eventual plans for Joplin.

If I have a long document with lots of formatting I use a plugin for Word called Writage. This allows me to write in Word and then save as a markdown file, which I can then copy/paste into Joplin.

Oh thanks. Well, according to the search results, markdown is the king and there are no plans for WYSIWYG implementations for the rest of us. All right, no luck here, I’d better search for some other notepad solution, I guess.

BTW if you need to convert things (from word, web pages, etc) to MD, this also helps Paste to Markdown - and you don't have to install anything. :slight_smile:

After some time of usage you will find markdown more reliable and faster than wysiwyg.

It’s not markdown itself what I’m truly not fond of. It’s the obligation to either use two panes simultaneously (which almost makes me seasick) or constantly jump between them while editing/viewing (which is disorienting and feels like ‘unnecessary doubling of instances’).

Turns out, however, it is perfectly possible to combine markdown with wysiwyg! (Check out Typora.)

Oh, I thought you’re somehow against using an external editor, but if not…
In fact, many of us use Typora with Joplin. Just configure it as an external editor, then click (or CTRL + E) and you can edit your note in Typora. (When you save, it automatically shows up in Joplin.)

Thanks for the tip! In fact I am very much against using an external editor :slight_smile: I am as well against sitting on two chairs or using two steering wheels to drive one car.

That's why I'm in favor of one notepad editor to compose one note. This editor should have three fundamental features:

  • peace-of-mind, wysiwyg-style formatting of markdown text, with keyboard shortcuts (like Typora). This will allow me to concentrate on writing as such, instead of jumping constantly between panes and/or helper editors;
  • cloud / Dropbox synchronization;
  • database encryption.

By now, Joplin offers only 2 features out of 3, and Typora in its current beta, offers 1 out of 3.
For the pleasure of having all tree features in one app I am willing to pay reasonable donations yearly.

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Yeah, I get that. It's a bit of a hassle, having an external editor. I don't mind that much, though; I edit most notes directly in Joplin, and if I'm writing something longer, or need more advanced features, only then I use Typora.
My dream tool probably would be Joplin, with an optional embedded Typora editor. :smiley: Until then, I'm fine as it is.

Do tell if you manage to work out/find something that suits all your needs.

For me, whichever delivers 3 out of 3 first, wins the prize :slight_smile:

I will.

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An external editor like Typora also offers the advantage of being able to have more than one note at a time open - which, to me, is essential.

Now I understand your point.
To be honest, agree with you.