Performance of synchronization with WebDAV or with Dropbox

I am currently considering whether to implement synchronization with WebDAV or with Dropbox. Can you tell which of the two is likely to have better performance? From a more software/protocol standpoint only. Would like to use it on Android and Win10.

I can't say anything about Dropbox, I use WebDav on my Synology.
A sync takes about 8 seconds with 36339 items for me.

Nextcloud's WebDav implementation is not good and therefore there are always problems with lockfiles. Also, many public Nexcloud providers are extremely slow at WebDav sync.
You can search here in the forum ...

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Even paid or selfhosted ones, I think its their whole implementation that is at fault rather than the providers (although the providers (especially the free ones) add their own... challenges.)

It'd be interesting to see a performance comparison of WebDAV implementations, but from what I've heard around Apache and Nginx implementations are faster. Nextcloud is one of the slowest, maybe due to versioning or logging.

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I could possibly write a test script for WebDAV which creates, checks and deletes files and takes a time measurement.
But something like this would be better with the direct Joplin sync methods ...

Results of my tests to create 100 Remote-Elements:

WebDAV: ~30s
Dropbox: ~90s

Thus, WebDAV is significantly faster than Dropbox at my provider.

I also tried multiple times a "Re-upload local data to sync target" (full re-upload):

Created local items: 902.
Created remote items: 156.
Fetched items: 1059/1059.
Completed: 13.04.2022 17:08 (391s)

Created local items: 31.
Created remote items: 156.
Fetched items: 193/193.
Completed: 13.04.2022 17:29 (340s)

I don't understand why there are differences in the numbers :sweat_smile:
Can someone help me to understand it?

I just sync'd my NextCloud (self hosted on a Raspberry Pi 4) to a new terminal app install on WSL, it took a while... (not far short of 2 hours).

Created local items: 6034. Fetched items: 6035/6035. Completed: 17/04/2022 15:50 (6269s)

# Sync status (synced items / total items)

Note: 833/833
Folder: 142/142
Resource: 3102/3102
Tag: 24/24
NoteTag: 312/312
MasterKey: 0/0
Revision: 398/330
Total: 4811/4743

Perhaps I have formulated it unclearly. I am surprised that the same function in WebDAV creates many more local items than Dropbox, as well as the fetched items are many times more than Dropbox.

No no, it was more intended as a response to Laurent's question about comparing webDAV implementation speeds.

I'm not sure about your question, I'm guessing if there was no difference in the files at all the Dropbox might not have deleted the originals or something. Unless starting from scratch with an empty target it might be hard to get good results.

I thought "Re-upload local data to sync target" did just that. "Force re-upload your data to sync target."

The data was the same. As seen in "created remote items".


Oh I see, well the created local and fetched items should be related to what is on your current database compared to the sync target. You should look in the synchronisation status report before and after you press the buttons to see what it reports.

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