PDF viewing - I can only see the filename

ver. 2.17.15. MacOS 12.3.1. Desktop.

A pdf appears in Joplin only as a blue filename. The pdf image, the content, is not visible. To see the content I have to click open the pdf and it then appears in Preview (my pdf viewer). Is it possible for the pdf image, the content, to be automatically visible in Joplin? My notes recently transferred from Evernote. Thanks.

I think enabling "Settings -> Markdown -> Enable PDF View" should work for markdown editor.

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Thanks, but I did that. I did it and restarted J, swapped between the two editors, but 0. The pdf in my note is just a blue filename. I have to open it externally to view the pdf.

You need to have the viewer enabled to enable the PDF Preview. To do that click on that button to toggle between the different views:


I see the toggle switch, but it is greyed out as is the same menu function. Does something else need to be switched on? Thanks for your help.

It will be grey if you are in the richtext editor, it should be visible if you have the markdown editor selected.

O! Right. That did it :). Many thanks, and thanks for your patience.

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