PDF viewer, audio and video player now in Joplin 1.5

The latest version features of Joplin features a few improvements to make it easier to preview various media files. For now it is possible to view PDF files, as well as listen and view audio and video files.

The feature is optional and you can enable/disable it in the settings, each viewer has its own settings:


For now the feature works on desktop (Markdown editor only) and on mobile (except for the PDF viewer).


What are the differences between these in the 1.6 version vs 1.5.14?

Right, I've put in the incorrect version. It's new in 1.5 actually, 1.6 hasn't been released yet and doesn't have media player related changes.

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Later I will consider implementing it in vscode, after about joplin v1.7, I want to see the effect first to determine if it is really useful. . .

It seems that this feature will be impossible to implement in vscode (Another limitation)

Indeed if they’ve removed ffmpeg, no media player will work. Is it the same for the pdf viewer?

No, pdf will automatically trigger saving (based on iframe)


it would be nice if there was a way (a button or key combination) to hide PDF viewer without having to go into the settings.
For saving space I often use the HTML tags <details> and <summary> like below:

Hidden box

Welcome to Joplin! :spiral_notepad:

Joplin is a free, open source note taking and to-do application, which helps you write and organise your notes, and synchronise them between your devices. The notes are searchable, can be copied, tagged and modified either from the applications directly or from your own text editor. The notes are in Markdown format. Joplin is available as a :computer: desktop, :iphone: mobile and :abcd: terminal application.

Maybe this could be a nice solution?

Yes it would be, but does not seem to work with the PDF preview.…

I just would like it to be a little smaller, or adjustable in size...

Hi @laurent!

Is there any way to disable PDF viewer in the settings? There are cases when it is inappropriate to use the PDF-viewer. For example, when you create a list of PDF files. In this case the note is stretched to a very high height and it really loses readability.

Evernote has a context menu option "View as an attachment" which disables viewer when you need it. Perhaps it makes sense to add such a feature to Joplin as well. How do you think?

Sorry. I missed the information that this feature is optional and can be disabled in the settings. My question is closed.

Would it be possible to implement a "choose PDF viewer" from our local files? I think being able to take whatever PDF viewer is native to Joplin now, and swap it out for PDF viewers some people already use for certain reasons. NightPDF would be a good reason to have the PDF reader swapable, you can change the settings to enable dark mode; Okular would be good for annotating PDFs. For example, I can manipulate the PDF in Joplin already, when viewing in Markdown. I can select text, copy and paste. With the toolbar of Okular, or NightPDF I'd be able to use what they've built within Joplin - like a small window within the text page.

Hopefully this is a good idea

That's not possible, I'm afraid. The viewer is a part of Electron, the framework that Joplin desktop is built on.

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Hello, I just started using joplin and have imported my evernote library. the pdf viewer was working nicely but now they all disappeared from their notes.
its is still enabled in the settings and when searching for the files they are still in the correct folder. The link is also still in the note and I can use the context menue to 'reveal in folder'.

however, they are not being displayed anymore. Any ideas?
Thank you

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hi, the photos above aren't showing up for me. and i can't seem to see these options in the settings. am i missing something?

fixed it.

Then you are using an old version.

worked it out. thanks!


Is the PDF viewer going to work inside the visual editor? I am only able to see the PDFs inside the regular markdown editor viewer.