Advanced PDF Viewer in Joplin


As you know, Joplin's desktop version has an integrated PDF viewer. I hope this feature will also come to the mobile version. Unfortunately, the PDF viewer in Joplin desktop is quite inadequate. Here are two examples:

1-) When reading a PDF and navigating to another note and then returning to the note with the PDF, the PDF starts from the first page again. It does not remember where we left off, which can be quite frustrating, especially when reading a lengthy article with many pages.

2-) Annotations cannot be made on the PDF viewer.

A previous year's GSoC project was to improve the PDF viewer (the updated PDF viewer's source code can be found here).

I think it was disabled because we were encountering a rendering issue similar to this one on some devices, though perhaps there were other issues.

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Dear friend,

Thank you for your response. It's reassuring to know that this issue is acknowledged and has been attempted to be addressed before. Nevertheless, I would like to remain hopeful about finding a solution. I trust our developers.

Temporary Solution:

With the "Open in external editor" option and using the "split-screen" feature in the operating system, you can read a PDF and take notes simultaneously. It's not an ideal solution, but a big thanks to whoever implemented the "open in external editor" option!