Coding Phase - Week 8 Report

This week I worked mainly on the full-screen viewer.

What's done

  • Thumbnail view
    -- Click on a thumbnail to go to that page.
    -- Update the selected page in thumbnail view according to the currently visible page.
    -- Keep the thumbnail scroll in sync with the main view.
  • Zoom in/ zoom out (added both to the embedded and fullscreen viewer).
  • Option to open the file in external app from the fullscreen view.
  • Go to page input box.

Plans for next week

  • Open the page clicked on in the embedded viewer in the full-screen viewer.
  • Context menu to the embedded viewer.
  • Text selection support in the full-screen viewer.
  • improve the UI.



I like the new pdf viewer after testing it with the latest code.

Is it possible to release the pdf-viewer as a separate package instead of sub-dir of joplin repo? I'm trying to implement live-preview like feature for markdown editor in joplin, and currently math, mermaid, image, video, and audio are supported. For pdf files, I prefer to the pdf-viewer used by joplin :slight_smile: . With a separate package, I can easily reuse the code instead of copying it from the joplin repo :smiley:

I don't think we want to release it as a complete separate npm package, core maintainers can comment better on it, but I have made it as independent as possible (only dependency is the joplin/lib package that we use for a few utility functions) so I think you can just fork it with minimal effort. Let me know if you need any help with that.