Pdf attachment auto-refresh after pressing space button

Hi, I'm currently using the latest Joplin note version, each time I attach a pdf document in joplin, it shows the preview mode, so it is quite convenient for me to take notes and reading documents at the same time, but whenever I press the space button, the pdf file in the preview mode always automatically refresh without knowing why, I had no trouble with this in the previous version, is that a bug or error or is it a hotkey function built-in for refreshing pdf documents? Is there a way to disable this?

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I think this habbens every time when you type something in the markdown editor and the preview is refreshed to display the current edit again.

Thank you! But is there like a script or setting that I can disable the auto-refresh feature?

Cou can switch to view mode only.
Strg + L (depending on your View > Layout button sequence setting)

Can you be more specific, new to this, do I do it in setting or shortcut key? Thank you!

No, Strg + L is the standard hotkey for Toggle editor layout and this switch through the settings defined by View > Layout button sequence

Thank you! Tried, but still doesn't solve the issue tho...

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