PDF always open in note

really enjoying using Joplin - very effective tool when doing research, especially the new feature with profiles

is there a method / way of importing a pdf file into Joplin but keeping it closed - only to be opened when a clicked upon
i have a large number of PDFs and would like to keep them in a specific section (note) for later reference - it can become very busy with even a few pdfs in a note - plus, though i have not tried this yet, i assume all pdfs are exported (or even with the simple backup)??

i am a new user and still trying out many of its features, so this may have already been solved or asked

many thanks

Tools --» Options --» Markdown --» Uncheck "viewer"

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Another possibility, to keep the internal viewer but show it in a collapsed state, is to use the summary tag, something like this:

<details open>
<summary><b>My PDF</b></summary>

The inserted PDF here will not be shown until expanded


Result would be like this:


Now you would see the inserted PDF in the internal viewer

Correction: The open tag should simply be <details> rather than <details open>. The latter means you want to see the expanded view to begin with


many thanks for showing me

thanks for showing me this

many thanks for showing me this option