Pasting text has frozen Joplin

Only my 5th note, just downloaded today, and I've made the program completely unresponsive.

It's just a list of links pasted from a spreadsheet. Joplin opens and closes, but nothing appears in the marked-up window.... and nothing in the program will work. Caret is stuck on '|'. Menus do open, but no action occurs.

Is there a data file I can go remove this text from to get the program to respond again? Guess I'll poke around.

Thoughts? I was really liking the program so far :confused:

Oh. I can't post the text that caused the problem, because I'm not allowed to post more than 2 links. Okay, bummer......

Alright, here's a link to the text of the links, maybe someone can figure out what's going on....

Okay, looked in the Joplin Profile folder (it’s a portable install, win64) and there is nothing there that looks like my data, so I don’t know what to do next to troubleshoot, except start over and redo all my notes. I’ll probably look for another program before I do that…

Okay, now when I open it, I just get a menu and a blank white page…

Okay, found a log file at least. Maybe this is helpful:

Does anyone have an idea on this? I was trying to backup Joplin on my work PC, after successfully importing my Evernote notes, and creating a few notes in Joplin and found I can’t actually do anything. The top menu drop downs display, but clicking options doesn’t do a thing - and nothing within the main screen is clickable. I tried to restart windows 10 laptop a few times. I’m trying to not lose notes - so my first question, where is the notes stored on my PC so I can save them elsewhere before really messing with this. I wanted to try and uninstall/re-install.

Here’s what I see when I try to full screen Joplin:

To backup your notes you should export to the JEX format (any format works but JEX is most convenient). You can do this with File->Export->JEX.

Alternatively (not as good as using the export) all Joplin data is stored in your home directory under .config/joplin-desktop. You can see this location at the top of the General Options page.

Have you tried just closing the program and re-opening? I’ve had to do that a couple of times.

I unfortunately can’t export, because it is frozen. I did copy the entire folder C:\Users\YOUR_NAME\.config\joplin-deskop to back-up. I then uninstalled, made sure the before mentioned folder was removed, rebooted and re-installed. Joplin worked fine up until I added my sqlite file back in… same symptoms as before. The logs show this:

One thing I may have done to break it… I enabled encryption, came to the realization it might be for syncing only, which I hadn’t setup yet, so I disabled encryption almost immediately after. This was a couple days ago, and I haven’t tried to use Joplin since. Do you think this might have caused this?

That seems very likely, you could try re-enabling encryption to see if that fixes it. If so you can export your notes, completely uninstall and reinstall Joplin. Then import them to get a clean encryption free environment.

That is the dilemma - I can’t do anything in Joplin when this sqlite file is in the folder. I did verify if I browse the database file, it isn’t encrypted.

can I import the sqlite back into Joplin? I tried to use the raw import function, but it doesn’t seem to function.

You might have to start manually changing things in the sqlite database. I suspect you can disable encryption from there, I don’t have much experience in that regard though.

Thank you for all of your help - I ended up re-importing my Evernote export, and finding the 10 or so new notes I made in Joplin by browsing the database file, and remade the notes via copy/paste. Now I have sync setup back to my home WebDAV server, so hopefully this won't happen again! :slight_smile: