Joplin 1.0.157 - Links of notes between notes broken

I made a lot of notes with link of other joplin notes inside and now I see an icone to download (I don’t know what) with the name of the link and nothing happened when i clikc on the link to jump to the other notes

@laurent Unfortunately the PR broke links between notes.

Another problem: Copy Markdown Link results in something like: [Attachment](:/8755d5e178f0450eb95f0f2f35f39c98) insetad of the name of the note and the Joplin icon.


Hmm, ok I’ve tested all kind of links after this PR but looks like I missed that case.

Sorry that I haven’t tested the branch earlier…


The fix will be available in the next release!

Link preview is unrelated but it’s a link to the latest release.

its fixed with Joplin version 1.0.158

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