Pasting an Image from Clipboard Compresses It

When pasting an image from the clipboard, the image is automatically resized to a smaller resolution. Is there a way to paste and keep the original?


It might help the devs a bit if you mention what OS and Joplin version you are using? I was thinking that that might be relevant as on Win10 with 1.0.216 if I attach a large image (drag /drop, copy / paste or attachment button) I get a dialog as below. If I select No it brings in the full image.


That’s a good point. Thanks.

I am using macOS. I get that dialog in some instances, but when I select part of a pdf and copy/paste it, Joplin pastes a smaller resolution image. That dialog never shows up. When I do the same in MS Word, the full resolution image is pasted.

It seems that there is a difference between Windows (using Foxit) and Mac because I can’t even copy an image from a PDF and paste it into Joplin. But I do know that if a PDF if optimised for screen viewing upon creation, the PDF creation software will downsize the image itself. Could it be that the image you are copying could have already been made smaller / low-res by the software creating the PDF? Therefore Joplin is not displaying the dialog as the image is already not large enough to warrant it? Just throwing out ideas here, no certainty whatsoever!!

If that was the case, then I should observe the same result when I paste into MS Word, but I don’t.

Fair enough. When you said, “When I do the same in MS Word”, for some reason I read that as you pasting from Word into Joplin, not PDF into Word (hence “scaling” suggestion)…