Copy and Paste into Joplin

Any idea how to copy and paste from MS Word?
When I copy and paste it only adds part of the text, but as an image! Super annoying...

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Text being inserted in the form of pictures seems rather strange to me, but have you tried toggling editors before copying and pasting? The corresponding button can be found in the upper right hand corner of the screen.


Could you give more information about the problem?
Which version of MS Word are you using?
Is it happening while pasting the text in Markdown or Rich Text editor? Or, maybe, both?
Is it happening with any text or only when the text is longer?

Thanks for helping us with it.

as you can see from image with the blue line round it the test becomes like a pasted object. It is no longer text and cant be edited...
The MS Word I use is latest as is Office 365.
Not sure what to do, bit of a pain so far as I migrated from Apple Notes to Joplin, and now im finding many limitations with Joplin.

Some piece of information is missing here. I just opened a Word docu (offline under windows), copied some text, went back to Joplin and pasted it ... appeared as text, as expected.
So try this. use your Word365, create a doc, save it locally on your desktop as .txt (not as .docx). Next open the it with a locally available editor or viewer (e.g. Notepad, etc. ). Copy and paste into Joplin, and tell us what's happening.

Thanks for your reply!

I was able to simulate it using the last version of Office365 pasting on the Markdown Editor. We're working on this problem.
To workaround the problem, just for now, you can try pasting the text from MS Word in the Rich Text Editor, instead of the Markdown Editor. You can switch between then on the right up corner.

Sorry for this issue and thanks for reporting this.

It's weird, but I can't reproduce the problem anymore.
I'm copying and pasting and it always is pasted as text. Anyways, I'll try to figure it out in what scenario it's pasted as image.

What ajay said is true, when copying a text from Notepad or equivalent, it's always a text without any formatation, so it should work, too. Of course, it's not the best user experienced, but it's another way to workaround the problem.

Ok so it only works when I paste with the top right icon that has an M and an arrow down.
If I paste with the other one that you toggle, like a notepad icon, it pastes as image and cant be edited.
This is all from desktop of course.
So for now I guess ill keep the M icon active and flip to the edit notepad icon to work at full screen.

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