Paste Special Shortcut Key Suggestions!

What should be the shortcut key for pasting csv?

  • Alt/Option + Shift + C
  • Alt/Option + Shift + V

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These will be changeable by the user too, eh?

Suggest shift+ctrl+v


Sure, that can work too. I just hope it's not defined already in the keyboard shortcut, coz it can leak to ambiguity

If users can change it, then it's not a huge decision. :slight_smile:

I guess you picked c because of csv? To me that's just too tied up with copy.

ctrl+shift+v is usually paste special or paste without formatting. Personally, based on the apps I use, I would expect if I copied a table somewhere, ctrl v would paste it as a table. Then if I just wanted pure csv I would expect to have to use ctrl shift v.

But it may be too late in the game for that.

Thanks for all your hard work!!

I wonder if there is value in having

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The shortcut Cmd+Shift+V should invoke the paste special. But as I mentioned during GSoC, there's a difference between using the menu item and the general Paste Special shortcut.

Paste Special was supposed to be an abstraction layer with several sub modules, one of them the Paste CSV as markdown. There could be x more. e.g. paste HTML as markdown

The menu item will do exactly that. It will paste the csv as markdown. There should not be a shortcut for this action directly or any other sub module.

The Cmd+Shift+V should check the clipboard for the source data and choose the most appropriate action automatically. If there's any ambiguity, a warning should be presented.


Sure Helmut. That makes sense.