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Others have requested Paste as Markdown, but for the desktop app, I would like a Paste as Plain text (similar to Chrome browser), preferably in the context menu:


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Just FYI, Ctrl+Shift+V works for this, it's just not in the context menu.


Thank you! that was not obvious. And of course, I feel kinda dumb because the keyboard shortcut ctrl+shift+v appears to be global :slight_smile:

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Yep. I use ctrl+shift+v in Evernote all the time, so it is global.

I use Joplin desktop with macos and there is no option to past as plain text, only normal paste with formatted stuff that make it super annoying to use the WYSIWYG editor. Couldn't find anything in shortcuts, tried different combinations of CMD + SHIFT + V, etc...

Doesn't work as expected, when I type ( this is a test ) into a plain text note and highlight only the word "test" as bold, resulting into (( this is a test )) , next copy the whole string, and paste it elsewhere with Cmd-Shift-V, the copied text is all bold (while I would expects everything as plain text).
Can you check and confirm ?

Works fine for me v1.7.11


If you past into a section that has formatting applied then the pasted text will follow the formatting of that section. Which I've demonstrated below.

Honestly, I don't know what the best behaviour is in these cases. It seems to me that Joplin does the expected thing, but I exclusively use markdown to avoid ambiguous formatting like this.

Appreciate your detailed answer, but this is not what I see on MacOS. That's why I said in my earlier post "type and paste into a plain text note", so no pasting into a pre-formatted section.

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When you say elsewhere, what does that mean? Another note? A new note with nothing in it? The next line of the current note?

In my test i hit enter after the last line and pasted the text there.

elsewhere within the same note (it's hard to always write with 0% ambiguity )

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