Paste arbitrary URLs and format the result as a preview

Hello. While using Evernote, I found a very useful feature that I couldn't find in the Joplin software, even after searching in the plugin center.

When pasting a web link into a note, Evernote can recognize the title of the linked page without the need to manually input it. If it's a YouTube link, it can even provide a preview directly. This feature is very handy. Firstly, it eliminates the hassle of manually entering the hyperlink title.

More importantly, links on the internet do not exist permanently. Once the server is shut down or the website is no longer operational, the hyperlink becomes invalid.
However, if we display the title of this link in our notes, when the hyperlink becomes invalid, we can likely find the same content on the internet again by searching for this title.
I know that Joplin allows manual input of hyperlink titles, but as you know, people are lazy.

Most of the time, I don't want to manually input the title.
As a result, many hyperlinks in my Joplin notes only display as web link addresses without titles. If I don't click on the link to open it in a browser, I don't even know what content this link represents. It merely appears as a link address in my notes.
Human nature is like this, and I believe other users are the same. For these reasons, could you please develop this feature? I would be very grateful.

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Check out this similar feature request to automatically create Markdown style links upon pasting: Converting file URLs while pasting

An alternative for preserving web pages is using the Joplin Web Clipper browser extension. It allows you to save web pages and screenshots from your browser.