Converting file URLs while pasting

Thanks for working on this @banan314 ! I hope it gets implemented into Joplin core soon as it is a much used feature.

I currently get by with copying the title of the website, pasting it and highlighting it, then copying the URL and pasting it using Ctrl+K. This is something I find very tedious everytime I had to do it.

Not sure if this is helpful, but you might want to check out Main Feature 4: Preview local/remote URL of the Note Link System plugin. It shows a pop-up preview of the URL currently, which could be use to generate the Evernote style previews as mentioned here Paste arbitrary URLs and format the result as a preview by @muzak

Another plugins is Links Metadata, but it shows the links in a separate panel on the side. Neither of these plugins perform auto conversion like mentioned here Create link with text when pasting a link while text is highlighted by @muzak