Outline Styles

I have setup Typora as my editor in Joplin and it’s working quite nicely. Is there a way to have outline styles like the format below:

1: Level 1
A: Sublevel of 1
i: Sublevel 1 of A
ii: Sublevel 2 of A
iii: Sublevel 3 of A
iv: Sublevel 4 of A
a: Sublevel a of 4
b: Sublevel b of 4
2: Level 2
3. Level 3

If it doesn’t show up indented on the final format, I want Sublevel A to be indented under Level 1: and sublevel i to be indented under Sublevel A.

Dear, please tell me how to do it?
Please forgive me for my bad language I'm with a translator

It’s supported but you would need to format it that way:

Just download typora from:

and install the program on your computer, then open up Joplin and go to Tools | General Options and scroll down to the field where the Text Editor is located and Browse to the location where you installed Typora. My location was:

C:\Program Files\Typora\Typora.exe

When you want to use your external editor – Start a Note or Edit an existing Note and then enter CTRL E or select the icon on the toolbar “Edit in External Editor” and this will launch Typora. When you are finished editing your note you will be prompted to save your note and it will be copied into your Joplin Note window.

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