How to use MarkText as an external editor for Joplin

Trying to use MarkText as an external editor with Joplin.

In Joplin settings under General > Text Editor Path put the following:
/Applications/Mark\\ Text

I tried the same for Typora:

(also tried both with -n at the end of the path or in the argument field)

However notes do not open in MarkText or Typora as I was hoping for.

What am I doing wrong?

Anybody else can help?

Many macOS applications provide a binary that allows one to lauch it from the commandline. I don't have either of these 2 programs you mentioned.

What happens, if you run:

/Applications/ -h
/Applications/ --help

Sometimes a macOS app also allows to call it directly with arguments.

If not, there's something like open that might work.

open -a Typora file.txt

I use Typora with Joplin and in the text editor path i simply have:


No arguments, just the text above. Works fine on macOS Big Sur.


Thank you @eagle it worked! I should have applied occam's razor approach as you did rather than trying to find a more complicated solution.

Good you got it sorted, @bre.