Orange "Press to set the decryption password" will not go away

I've disabled encryption on my iPad, but there's still an annoying orange bar atop the screen that says, "Press to set the decryption password." Anybody know how I can make it go away? I have Joplin 10.7.2, Database v34.

cannot properly answer unless you explain whether you still sync to sth, or use Joplin locally only ?

I do not know what the acronym "sth" stands for, but I sync to Dropbox between my desktop, iPhone, and iPad. Both my iPhone and iPad show the orange bar message up top, but my desktop instance does not.

Here's a couple of screenshots from my ipad. You can see the orange message bar up top on one of the images and on the other, you can see that I do not have encryption enabled.

would sth = something work for you ?
If you search the forum you'll see that Joplin does not delete masterkeys, when you disable encryption (and in a few other cases).
As for the rest, I let sb ( = somebody) else fill in.

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