Orange “Press to set the decryption password” will not go away

While another user asked already by @codyburleson, the thread was closed and I feel the issue was not taken seriously despite the fact that the question was legit.

As an start I would like to mention a few facts and doubts:

  • fact: encryption is not mandatory
  • fact: the encryption does not seem to be "stable" yet (see this issue)
  • doubt: I wonder how much encryption impacts the experience since I have many notes with PDF attachments
  • fact: I am using joplin server on a local network only

For those reasons, I decided to not (yet) enable encryption on my hosted server.

Yet, both the iPad and Android App show a very annoying banner saying "Press to set the decryption passord". While that maybe great to onboard users who DID enable encryption, it is a pain for the others and tains the user experience.

Could make it so the banner goes away after the user clicked once on it ?
Or add a little [x] to close this banner ?

That would not remove any feature since this still can be done from the settings and that would greatly improve the experience for users no using encryption.

I also think there is no reason to have this banner here, disconnected from the other options such as the sync method, the server IP, password, etc... this is where the ecnryption password should be defined, not in the main UI of the App.

That issue is more than 2 years old... there's a lot that's been done on E2EE since then.

If it's showing you this banner, it's because you still have encrypted notes. If you forgot your password you can disable the key and it should go away. If you have done that and the banner still shows up, please provide as much info as possible - version, screenshots, etc. so that we can investigate.

I am confident I never enabled encryption on my main account.

I did have encryption on when I tested Joplin, then I made a new account (new user) and imported all my Evernote notes. As far as I know, there was never encryption turned on and I got this banner pretty much from day one.

If the solution is to ensure that 0 note is encrypted, is there a way to find the notes Joplin thinks are encrypted and un-encrypt them for good ? An option could be for this banner to show this information.

Could the issue be due to the old test account where encryption was enabled ?

You don't need to look for them - just enter the password and the app will decrypt them automatically. But as I mentioned if you don't know it you'll can disable the key to remove the message.

Yes the issue is due to data that wasn't completely removed and that may still be encrypted.

Is there a way to find those messages ?
I checked the db and SELECT count(id) FROM public.items where jop_encryption_applied != 0 does return 0 as I expect.