Open in external editor no longer in toolbar

Joplin 1.0.216 (Win10)

I no longer see the “open external icon” in the toolbar. Has it been removed intentionally? I can’t find any mention of it in the changelog other than that it has been added to the note context menu.

I join you @daniel in seeing this. I use VS Code as my external editor every day (Mac Catalina, desktop, latest version of Joplin), and I was feeling that the functionality is really improving as of late. For example, you change something directly in the internal editor and the external editor picks it up and vice-versa, so the best of all possible worlds, and all the functionality of vscode for table of contents creation from markdown, for markmap (mindmap) creation, whatever… then to see now I can only manage this from the menu is a real let down.

Feedback on this change: if it’s a mistake, I would vote heavily to reinclude the button in toolbar.

If it is intentional, PLEASE put it back. To have to keep using the menu is a a real let down (my feedback anyway).

It looks like a previous post about this on the forum has the answer you were looking for!