External editor shortcut available in any layout view mode

In prior versions of Joplin, the keyboard shortcut to open a note in external editor (Cmd-E or Ctrl-E) was available and worked whether Joplin was in Editor, Viewer, or Split mode. In 1.0.193, the keyboard shortcut no longer works, and the menu item is greyed out while in View-only layout mode. However, you can still right-click a note whilst in view layout and select Edit in External Editor.

I would suggest that the keyboard shortcut be available, and the menu item by selectable, to edit a note in external editor, in any layout view mode. I cannot think of any real downside to re-enabling this feature.

Thank you.

Yes of course, it should be enabled. It was incorrectly disabled in this view in a recent pull request.

Actually this is not entirely correct. The PR deactivated the menu item, because the toolbar did not show the external edit button in viewer-only mode. So the PR only made it more consistent.

Well it was working before, and it’s broken now. Whether there was a button or not is a different issue.