Add Open Link in external application feature

Is it possible to add open link in external application feature in Joplin ?

I'm looking for external simple editor to launch by Joplin, including VSCode, but I can't. Obsidian can handle this with context menu 'open in default app'.

For example, draging .svg file in md file,


I would like to launch 'boxy-svg' editor at first. User customisable feature depending on file extension might be good. It seems .png or .svg don't have open context menu.

Hi mthii

I also desire a feature like this. But I think it may have more to do with your OS and how it is configured moreso than Joplin.

I’m away from my machine now so I can’t test these now, but:

  • The “open in default app” approach is certainly one way to go. Linking to a file on disk using the file:// protocol opens it in the default program
  • another way to do this is implementing custom application handlers. Here’s some details on that . This way requires more customization but has more possibilities

Not quite sure what you are both requesting as if you right-click a picture in a note and select "Open" it will open in the default app on your system for that file type.

For me the above SVG image opens in Inkscape.

Also you can set an external note editor in the settings.

Then right-clicking on a note in the note list and selecting "Edit in external editor" (or using the toolbar icon image ) will open the note in that editor (image to stop).

Here’s my understanding of the feature request.

“As a user of many creative software tools (including but not limited to Inkscape, freecad, Final Cut, etc) I want to be able to open one of those tools from a hyperlink in a Joplin note, so that I can quickly save or resume working on a project from Joplin”

I might be putting my own spin on it, as this is a feature I’ve often wished for.

To be clear, I don’t think it is feasible or necessary to store all my project files for all the software I use in Joplin. But I think there might be a way to use application link handling (which is an OS-level feature) coupled with Joplin to accomplish the same thing.

Let me know if that jives with you @mthii

We have the 'Open' context menu on the preview window, not markdown window. I did not know.

Inkscape works fine from context menu. (boxy-svg failed as it seems it takes no arguments)
Hi dpoulton,

Anyway editable feature after drag-and-drop is useful enough for me at this moment.

As for 'Edit in external editor', for sure I can have external editor launched from Joplin, but almost all the next editors could not launch further another external editor depending on the file type, such as VSCode(open in external app extension).

But now I think I have to study, not looking for many tools can handle external application depends on the file type during all day long. It seems just I forgot the preview window. I will study it. My bad.

Thank you.

However how about groovetherapy ?

For sure it will be fine to implement configurable link opening feature in Joplin. But now it seems Joplin is large enough, so it might be a better way to let the complicated things to the other external editors.

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