Only delete local resoures to save android space

I need more android space.
so I need delete local resources someting but don't delete the files on the Joplin Server.
how should I do?


By default, when syncing first time the android Joplin doesn't load images (just placeholders).
Is this already in place for you? (or did you already sync everything with images?)

For example, when reading a note, a video I don't want to save the local. I can temporarily manually cancel part of the local attachment store

If you enable the option to download attachments on demand, this will reduce the amount of space needed on the first sync of a particular note. However, once such an attachment has already been downloaded, you can't just delete it on a single device only, as doing so will simply sync the deletion back to other devices as well.

In other words, no, you can't save space by deleting already downloaded local resources. There is no option to perform only a partial/selective sync either. If you can't increase the phone storage space, I can only suggest that you either archive old notes that are no longer needed (by exporting them to JEX, then removing from Joplin altogether) or alternatively use different profiles inside Joplin and only connect one of them with the phone (so that you sync only data that you actually need to access on Android).

One of my ideas is that, like some notes, there is an option in the upper-right corner of the attachment -- just delete the local attachment. Is this proposal feasible

As far as I know, if

  • your video is inside a new note on the server
  • and you ask the android Joplin to sync,

then your android Joplin will retrieve the note on the server but the video within it will not be downloaded automatically. It will be downloaded only if you click on its placeholder in android.
I'm not absolutely sure, try it, but that's the way it behaves here with pictures. And it works without dealing with the attachment store and cancellations...

Essentially what this button means: delete local attachments and download records in local SQL

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