Remove downloaded attachments in Android

attachments are shown with a download arrow, and when I click on this, the attachment is downloaded to my android device and it is shown. Very good!
Now, to remove the attachment (for space issues on my small android deivce), how can I remove the downloaded attachment, so that the space is free`d up on my android device and the download arrow is shown again?

Any hint is welcome...

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I don't think this is currently possible, but it would be a useful feature to have!


You may not like it, but there is a cumbersome workaround ... if you have only "so many" and not too many notes with attachments in total.
Remove the App from Android, reinstall it, only download the attachments you need.

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Maybe it works, If you deleted the Cache under the App settings in android? Haven't checked this. ,:thinking:

Thanks for the idea. I tried this, but unfortunately it does not work.

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Is there any place, where I can ask for this feature?
Or will the devopers read this board?

Thanks for this idea. Yes that would work..

Another idea I had and I have already tested this:

  • Save the attachment(s) you have opened on the Android using the desktop app on Windows (have not yet tried on Linux)
  • Sync on Windows and then on Android
  • Re-attach the attachment(s) on Windows
  • Sync again on both devices
    This works, but is also a very cumbersom workaround..

I could also well imagine a function where I allocate Joplin for example 2 GB cache for attachments and then the oldest data is automatically deleted from the cache. Of course, that doesn't quite fit with the philosophy of an offline-first application. On the other hand, it can get really cramped on the phone if you use Joplin not only for text, but also for data storage.

By oldest data I mean the attachments that have not been used/opened for the longest time.

That doesn't help you now, but maybe forms a function for the future.

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To my knowledge, deleting a pic from the main Joplin app results in it being deleted from the cache... sometimes later.
Up to now this I think is meant to be synced (so the pic ends being deleted everywhere).
Now, one could deepen the issue with some servers, like flavors of NextCloud that intentionally do not replicate Android deletions back to the computer synced folders (for instance the /e/OS cloud, Murena, behaves like this). But I think this probably is superseded by Joplin behavior...