Delete files from local storage

When having set File download to manual it would be useful to have the option to clean local resources folder.
Manual deletion of file leads to an error because Joplin does not look for the file on the sync host once a file has been downloaded.
Maybe an option in the sync options would be useful ("delete local files after synchronisation").



As mentioned in the linked thread it does seem logical that if someone has needed to set the attachment download behaviour to manual to save space, they may wish to reclaim that space if, over time, they have selected many attachments for download. Furthermore if they have selected E2EE it more than doubles the space taken by the resources / attachments.

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Apologies for "bouncing" this but I feel that @netfrettchen has raised a valid point here. If you can currently minimise downloading attachments / resources to save space (especially mobile) should you not be able to reclaim that space if ages ago you have downloaded several attachments that you no longer need. Not saying it's an urgent requirement but just wondering if @laurent would consider adding this to the roadmap for a future version.


Would you please explain why going to the "attachment" pane (menu > tools > Note attachments), and deleting hte attachment(s) isn't enough ? Or does this delete the remote and the local copy at the same time ?

Because there are listed thousands of files, even those not been downloaded to local storage.

It does make sense, so feel free to add a feature request for it on GitHub and I'll add it to the backlog.

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Correct. It will delete the remote copy on the next sync.

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I hope you do not mind but I have taken the liberty of placing your idea on Joplin's GitHub issues page.

At this time it shows as a bug as the GitHub feature request option diverts back to this forum.


Yep, for the few legitimate feature requests, we'll either add them ourselves to github, or remove the bug label and mark it as an enhancement.

Definitely wasn't suggesting that this was a bad thing :slight_smile:

I hope in such a case you would just say so. :wink: And I think you would, thus it never even crossed my mind.

I just wanted to let you know that it was ok to open it as a bug (especially since it is the only option anyway)...

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