OneDrive Folder creation issue

I just set up Joplin for the first time on Android.
I set up sync for OneDrive. It connected without issue.
However, instead of the expected behaviour, Joplin created a folder called 'Apps 1/Joplin'
('Apps 1', not 'Apps' as expected)
(I had a root folder called 'Apps' already so I guess it saw it as a conflict?)

Did Joplin not have the ability to create the subfolder within the 'Apps' directory?
(Other apps use the same apps/subfolder naming scheme so Joplin shouldn't assume the directory doesn't exist....)
Is there a way to manually create and re-connect to the proper folder? (I suspect it may have a permissions issue as well)

Joplin 1.5.1
DB v34

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