On Windows 10, How to install Joplin to specific Folder Location? How to verify Joplin?

I downloaded the file into my downloads folder and I would like to install joplin into a specific folder I made called Apps. How can I do this?

Lastly, how can i verify this joplin and not a dangerous/intercepted one? fingerprint? sig? SHA?

I suggest you download the portable version and simply unzip that to your Apps folder.

I see. I will try that. Thanks. But how can I verify the Joplin files?

Hmm, isn’t there a way to install Windows apps to a specific directory (can’t you choose the location during install)? If not, the portable app will be your only choice.

Currently no signatures or hashes are available.

The reason I am hesitant is because of online virus scanners i use before installing anything. ( i do this for anything i download and think of installing )
Virus total showed nothing but Opswat metadefender showed that both exe and zip is suspicious. [this is for 1.0.160 version. I do not know where to download the 1.0.161 version though…]

I think this is a great app and I would like to use this software but perhaps I am a bit paranoid.

And about the location during install thing, that part is resolved as I tried in a virtual machine and during installation they ask where you want to install instead of the default appdata folder.

Yeah, they are false positives. Laurent and others have already contacted the Virus SW providers, but I don’t know the status. I think it has something to do with how the react-native/electron app is packaged, which is kind of weird, because there are tons of electron apps out there. But I totally understand your reluctance to proceed, when you see a red flag somewhere.

FYI All releases are on the github page, which is sometimes more up to date than the website.

Thanks for the link! :smiley:

Hm :confused:
Hesitant indeed....
They could be false positives but I don't really know what these files that are triggering threats are:

I mean I guess I would be more likely to install it if there was a way to verify it but you get what you get. plus joplin itself seems to be a great app!

Weird! the 1.0.161 shows no threat :confused: I am confusion! :rofl::sweat_smile:

Another Question: What is the exe.blockmap file for? I downloaded Joplin-Setup-1.0.161.exe and Joplin-Setup-1.0.161.exe.blockmap but not sure what or how to use the blockmap.

I have to admit, I do not know. @laurent should be able to answer that.

I just found from here about blockmap file.

  • Check and re-validate the app content after the app deploys

How to do validate in the first place?

also is it ok to @ laurent or am I not allowed to ping the dev?

Yep, go ahead. Mentioning is a main feature of this forum.

Hello @laurent. I was hoping you you can shed some light by explaining what the exe.blockmap file is for for windows10 machine? After a light searching online on what a blockmap file is, it seems to be some kind of re-validating information with hash or something. Is this what your blockmap file is for? How can I use it as well to verify the integrity of joplin if I downloaded both the exe file and blockmap file?

I don’t know actually, it’s a file generated by electron-builder, so you might be able to find some info on their doc or github.