Notion to Joplin

I want to move my notes from notion to joplin. Which one should i choose to move notes properly?


There is a section in the documentation on how to import (linked below). Basically the easiest method is either md files (but you will likely lose any additional metadata associated) or you need to find a way to first convert to Evernote .enex files for which import is directly supported by Joplin.

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@Daeraxa is absolutely right that Evernote's ENEX format is a (relatively) easy and direct way to import notes to Joplin. Alas, I can't recall any app vendor offering ENEX as an export format. And so the quest becomes one of exporting your notes without losing too much metadata. Unfortunately my quick glance at the Notion website gave me the impression that Notion doesn't support anything beyond exporting individual notes. Unless "You can export any full-page database as a CSV file" has a meaning I'm unfamiliar with. Perhaps the option to "include sub-notes" could be abused to export all your notes at one go. (One note to rule them all and in the darkness bind them, as Tolkien might have put it.) In any event it seems Notion's option to mix Markdown and CSV might be your best option, although that leaves you with the chore of manually tweaking the content/metadata of every individual note.

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