Export from google keep to evernote & then to joplin

I have notes on evernote and google keep and I would like to move them all to joplin but can’t find a how to, please assist


I imported everything from Evernote to Joplin a month or two ago. This is what I did. (There may be better ways, but if so I don't know them.)

I began by exporting every Evernote notebook as an Enex file, one after the other. Choose File > Export > Export as a file in ENEX format. I saved these as permanent backups of the final state of my Evernote collection.

In Joplin I then chose File > Import > Enex Evernote export file (as Markdown). I had to do this manually for every Enex file that I had exported, which in my case was a lot. In the end I had every note from Evernote imported into Joplin as a markdown file.

If I had wanted to import the notes as html files I would have imported them using File > Import > Enex Evernote export file (as HTML). I didn't, so I didn't :slight_smile:

This was a one-time, mildly tedious process but it worked. The best discovery for me during the process was that the Joplin export format (Jex) is a lot more capable than Evernote's. So when it came to making backups in Joplin I could just make a Jex file for every "stack" or top level folder, and it would include all the sub-folders and sub-sub-folders, with their relationships intact.

I have no experience with Google Keep.


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Ahh nice, ill keep that in mind, but if I could send my google keep notes to evernote then send all my notes in one go to jopin that would be great…

thanks for the info

Advice Nr. 3 on this website recommends the python tool KeepToText to transfer your Google Keep notes to Evernote. I’ve used it, and it worked nicely, aside from missing metadata and titles (which are not required in Google Keep).

Once everything is in Evernote, transfer it to Joplin as described by @MisterKelly.

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Thanks all, this worked a treat! Now im full sync’d up and good to go!!

Excellent! Welcome aboard :+1:

Hello. I want to upload my notes from Evernote. But when loading, the menu only has export, and there is no import. What should I do? The latest version, because it was just downloaded. Thank you in advance for your answer.