Notes synced but not shown

Hello first I’d like to say that this really a great piece of software. But I have an issue with syncing to / from content placed on onedrive.
The problem is, that i synced about 10k+ of notes to onedrive from my mac. Now I installed joplin on my phone and on my PC. The syncing starts as expected but does not show any synced content.
For example the actual status:

Synchronisationsstatus (synchronisierte Objekte / gesamte Objekte)

Note: 3445/3445
Folder: 1/1
Resource: 0/0
Tag: 0/0
NoteTag: 0/0
MasterKey: 0/0
Insgesamt: 3446/3446
In Konflikt 0
Zu löschen: 0

Vick I’ve lbobi: 0 Notizen

But I cannot see any notes.
Am I wrong, or is this what syncing should means?
Thank you in advance.

Can you show the status on the desktop app?

Also it should have synced at least one notebook? Do you not see it in the sidebar?

Hello laurent,
thank you for your reply.
Here is the the status

Is the sync finished? If it is, could you check the log for errors?

Thank you so much for your help. I think the issue was, that it was not synced completely. This brings me to an other question: ist there a workaround to sync on iPhone 12k+ notes. Cause I think every time the phone locks, the sync gets interrupted.

Thank you in advance.