OneDrive sync not working with MacOS / iOS


I've been facing sync issues using OneDrive on MacOS and iOS, and I've waited days if not weeks for the imported Evernote posts to show up on the iOS app but it isn't working.

In brief, the notebooks, notes and other attachments are all perfectly visible on MacOS, however other than a few notebooks and notes it's taking a lot of time to sync on iOS. Any pointers would be really helpful.

MacOS version: Joplin 2.7.15 (prod, darwin)
iOS version: 12.7.2

Just to add -- over the past few days I'm observing a 'Created remote items' dialog in Joplin on Mac and I can see that it's syncing files in the cloud. But it seems to be a never-ending process. I'd appreciate if someone could respond and let me know if this is normal.

Where exactly lies the problem? Is the the uploading with the pc slow or the downloading with the iPhone? Are there any errors related to syncing in the console (Mac: help -> toggle development tools; iPhone: Configuration -> Log)? Do you have any big notes/attachments (big in terms of file size)?

Best regards

Hey MrKanister, thanks for your response. To be honest, I uninstalled Joplin and I won't be going back to it again (for now). The product still lacks the user experience for somebody like me coming from an Evernote background. Having said that, I'm not going back to Evernote either. I'm done with both the products for now.

To answer your question, the files were fully uploaded on OneDrive/Mac however it kept saying 'Created remote items' for days. Furthermore the uploaded files from Mac were not being seen on the iPhone app. Unfortunately I don't have the logs now to share with you.

I appreciate your help in this regard. Cheers!

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