Notes Inadvertently Deleted (Joplin Server)

Hello All! I'm cross posting this from a Github issue that I posted the other day. I think the forum might(?) be a better place for this:

I should preface this by saying I've only really lost a note or two and am not looking for help to restore those notes as it would be faster to retype them manually (I have a recent backup thanks to Simple Backup plugin, too).


Joplin Server
Joplin version: v2.7.4
Platform: Rocky Linux 8.5

Sync Client 1: Windows Machine
Joplin version: v2.8.7
Platform: Microsoft Windows 11

Sync Client 2: Macbook Air
Joplin version: v2.7.15
Platform: MacOS Monterey 12.3.1

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Joplin Server was running.
  2. Joplin Notes was open on Sync Client 2 (Macbook Air)
  3. Joplin Notes was open on Sync Client 1 (Microsoft Windows)
  4. Selected Tools > Options > Synchronization on Sync Client 1 (Microsoft Windows).
  5. Entered the following information for the sync profile:
  • Synchronization target: Joplin Server (Beta)
  • Joplin Server URL: http://[hostname]:22300
  • Joplin Server email: [my_joplin_server_email]
  • Joplin Server password: [my_joplin_server_password]
  • Synchronization interval: Disabled [defaulted]
  • Attachment download behavior: Always [defaulted]
  • Max concurrent connections: 5 [defaulted]
  • Custom TLS certificates: left blank [defaulted]
  • Failed-safe checked [defaulted]
  1. Selected Apply.
  2. Selected Back.
  3. Immediately noticed that the synchronization status was showing actively deleted notes.
  4. I stopped the sync, which had deleted 346 remote items.
  5. Logged into Joplin Server Admin Page and selected the Logs tab.
  6. Sure enough, there appear to be ~3 pages of deleted .md files.
  7. I looked over on Sync Client 2 (Macbook Air), which had also started deleting local items.

What I expected to happen:

I expected the notes from my existing Joplin Server configuration to sync down to my local Sync Client 1 (Microsoft Windows), instead of my empty Sync Client 1 removing my notes from Joplin Server. I'm wondering if it's expected behavior for remote items to be deleted after configuring the Joplin Server Sync target?

If there's any way that I'm misunderstanding what is going on here, please let me know!

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