Android file system sync from new folder fail safe interrupted

Joplin 1.7.5
Database v34
FTS enabled:1
Samsung Xcover 4
Android 10

Syncing to file system: /mnt/sdcard/JoplinSync

I tried to get the files to be stored on the sdcard (as one might think they would since the file path is /mnt/sdcard) but my Android put them in internal storage. Ok, so I deleted the folder that was created by the syncronization and entered another path. No good. Gave up and decided syncing to the internal storage would be acceptable. But now, since I've emptied the directory, Joplin won't sync because it thinks all the notes are gone, which they are but my intention is to restart the synchronization and let Joplin create the first export.

I deleted the sync directory and now, since it is empty, Joplin does not sync bc Fail-safe, nor create a fresh first export/synch, since it instead thinks that all notes are deleted. Is there a way to somehow reset the sync to make Joplin act as it did the very first time and create all files needed for synchronization?

Add some way of resetting the sync feature so it acts like the very first time, i.e. extracts all the info from the notes etc. and put them in the sync target.


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