Prevent new note creation in Conflicts notebook

Users can still create new notes in the automatically generated Conflicts notebook when it is selected. After the user selects a different notebook, the new notes disappear from Conflicts, and become only discoverable through All Notes.

Desktop Joplin disables New Note and New Todo buttons when Conflicts is selected. However, keyboard shortcuts can still somehow create notes inside that notebook.

Mobile Joplin does not disable the +, New Note, or New Todo buttons when Conflicts is selected, differing from desktop. The following thread provides reproducible steps and why this needs fixing: Notes created in Android Conflicts notebook don't stay there

For comparison, users aren't allowed to create notes for the auto generated Trash notebook:

Is there a good reason why users are still able to add notes to Conflicts on either form factor? If not, can Joplin prevent new note creation in the notebook?

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