Notepad ++ with Markdown Option

I’m not sure if this has been covered before but in my search for the best Markdown Editor that can be used with Joplin, I found this plugin for Notepad ++ that will give you a Mardown WYSIWIG window to the right of your input screen. Similar to what Joplin does natively, but I like the look of the MarkdownViewer ++ Plugin that can be used with Notepad ++.

The Plugin can be found here:

Just copy the DLL file to your Notepad ++ Plugin Directory and then install the Plugin via the Plugin Admins option with Notepad ++. Find MarkdownViewer ++ and select it and then click on the Install button. Notepad ++ will install the Plugin, Close down and relaunch itself.

To modify the options of MarkdownViewer ++, In Notepad ++ select Plugins from the Menu | MarkdownViewer ++ | Synchronize Scrolling (Editor/Viewer).

There are other options to select under Plugins | MarddownViewer ++ | Options

There is a file within the zip file that explains the nuances of MarkdownViewer ++.

You can do everything in the Plugin Admin: it will download the plugin and install it.

Thanks for the hint! I shall give it a spin.