Note list indicator of completeness in notes with check boxes

I use Joplin to take notes and include "To dos" within the note. My "to dos" are indicated with a check box ("- [ ]") so that they stand out and clearly indicate whether something is done. I frequently have to scroll back through notes to find unchecked boxes which leads to my missing some of these.

Instead of scrolling through notes and using my eyes and brain, I'd love to offload this task to Joplin to indicate whether a note has unchecked boxes from the Note List. Something like what's is the photo attached.

What do the community think? If it's well received, I'd love to take a shot at implementing this.


The difference between this and the to-do-type note is that the to-do note doesn't automatically check off its indicator in the Note List when you check all the boxes within the note. I'm assuming that is a deliberate decision so that users can check off the whole note at once when they are ready but the content of the note is unchanged. That is, the Note List indicator can be checked without all of the check boxes in the note being checked.

Perhaps that could be done as a plugin? For example there could be a panel next to the note that shows a progress bar to tell how many tasks remain to be done. I think some note apps have this (maybe Boostnote?)

As for adding an icon as in your screenshot using a plugin, it currently cannot be done. I have some ideas on how to allow customising the note list items, but it's not done yet.


Yes! I use todo's almost exclusively as a note type, and often have checklists inside the todo. Trello handles this really well:
Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 12.28.19 PM Screen Shot 2021-02-05 at 12.28.14 PM

I like this per Laurent's revision, although I would hope any progress indicator/meter wouldn't mean taking up real estate that forces me to elongate or widen the overall window.
I currently use a tag "in progress" which I created for incomplete to-do's, but this conceptual feature would be a much smarter approach.

@uxamanda good point, Trello does handle this well.

@laurent Are you suggesting a progress bar within the note panel itself, but that nothing can be added via a plugin to note list items? Just making sure I understand.

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