Note context menu changeable?

Question: is it possible to change the Note context menu ? I really would like to have the 'Delete' option clearly separated from the rest by a separator line.

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Being able to have a "Print" option in this menu would also be useful, rather than just from the main menu.

Looking at the menu it doesn't look very tidy. I think Duplicate and Delete used to be next to each others, and then over time we've added a bunch of items in between. I'd be useful to re-order this and add delimiters too.

Maybe this kind of order?

Move to notebook

Edit in external editor

Copy Markdown link
Copy external link

Switch between note and to-do type

I would definitely have delete somewhere inset but probably still near the bottom to avoid it being anywhere near the mouse when the context menu is opened (either up from cursor or down). Same with any other 'instant' functions like duplicate or switch note type.

There's also other Joplin Server entries that appear like "Publish note..." and plugin entries such as "Pin note to Tabs". Would server and plugin options have their own "areas" in the menu?

Oh yes, and does no one apart from me ever print a note! :slight_smile:

Ideally there should be some way to customise the order of menu items and to add and remove them. But even if we wanted to I don't think it's possible to have Print in there, because the app can only print the currently visible note.

Ah, I see. Thinking about it I print notes I have already selected so that reason never occurred to me.

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