Fumbling in the menus [Android] looking for the URL, I might have hit a bug, or the next menu item on the list: delete. Anyway, the note is deleted. And I don’t seem to have a way to restore it before the data is propagated to the other instances.

So could you add an option to Undo / Undelete a note?


There are many feature requests about this here and on GitHub.

Sorry. It seems I haven’t looked careful enough.

About adding a trash folder. Not exactly undo, but would help with the issue you describe:

Improving note deletion (making it more difficult to delete by accident):

I agree, it would be better, if the default action were Cancel for delete operations. I never understood why Ok was highlighted and pre-selected in the dialog. Maybe we should also change Ok to a Delete button.

History won’t work when a note was deleted. Or at least I didn’t find a way to get a deleted note back.

I’ve never noticed OK was pre-selected and I agree that should indeed be changed.