Mint Mate 19.1 Desktop Installation

I have downloaded the AppImage file <1.0.142> version. The menu icon was installed. However, it doesn’t work. I have to reinstall the program every time I want to use it, doing:
< sudo ./joplin.appimage >. I know it is difficult to say what the problem is without the system data info. Wouldn’t there be a common workaround for the matter, anyone?

To install on Linux, please give a try to the install script: It’s being used by quite a few people and should be stable.

Thank you, Laurent. Nevertheless, I am not a professional programmer, only an open source linux lover. So, I’m afraid I won’t be able to follow the script as it is shown on the link. Would you be kind enough to provide me an amateur user link so that it can be used?
Thanks, again. And congrat for the great job and free software spirit of sharing.

This is actually mentioned on the website:

wget -O - | bash

That will download the install script and execute it.

I only managed to install JOPLIN on Ubuntu, not Mint Cinna or Mate. I’ll keep trying. Thanks again, Laurent.

Hi marxpaulo, do you always run Joplin.AppImage using sudo? I think if you do that it might have unpredictable behavior, one of the purposes of AppImage is to allow users to install and run programs without using sudo. I think maybe you just need to set the correct permissions for joplin before running. If you enter into the directory where joplin is stored you can type the following commands.

chmod +x Joplin.AppImage

Then Joplin should work correctly.

That said the best solution is to use what @laurent suggested and run the install script, this will handle everything for you. In case it was just unclear, you just copy the below text and paste it into a terminal, done!

wget -O - | bash

I’ll reinstall the app and do as you said. Thank you very much for the advice, CalebJohn.

CalebJohn and Laurent, finally I managed to perfectly install the great Joplin!!! This makes me again and again for free software. I don’t mean my personal advantage, but the success resulted by sharing and collaborating. Thank you again.