Joplin not installing completely

I have installed Joplin several times on Linux Mint laptops and each time have found that running the terminal commands on GitHub do not set Joplin up completely. To get it running I have to enter .joplin folder in my Home directory and double-click the Joplin.AppImage file. Then I have to add the program to my menu manually!!

Once all that is done it works fine…

Which edition on linux mint do you use? As in which desktop environment do you have?
and if you could please paste the output of the following command, I should be able to fix this for you


I’m having the same issue. Just did a clean install of Ubuntu 19.10 on a new laptop, installed OS patches, then used the script to install Joplin. I’m not getting the icon on the desktop or in the dock, and it’s not showing up when I hit the command key (Win key) and search for Joplin. I had the same result in a 19.10 VM last night. Running the Joplin.Appimage from ~/.joplin works fine.


Mint 19.3

I’m also having this problem on ubuntu 18.04.