Suggested type of installation on Linux Mint

I'm using Joplin on Linux Mint, Windows 10 and Android.
Yesterday I upgraded Joplin on Windows to 2.10.18 (at first to 2.10.17, but there were problems with installation). So far, so good. It works as it should. It works on Android, where I can find version 2.10.8 (not 2.10.18 !).
Some minutes ago I started Joplin on my Linux Mint, where 2.9.17 is installed. I got an error: "Unknown profile version. Most likely this is an old version ...". This is true, but in Software Manager the latest version is 2.9.17. It uses Flatpak and I can also see this version on their website. Any idea how often their repositories are updated?
I knew that I can run "Joplin-2.10.18.AppImage" from GitHub, but this will probably ruin next upgrades? How other Linux users deal with that?

I run LMDE 5. There a directory called ~/.joplin containing the AppImage. When there's a new release I save it to this location and link it to Joplin.AppImage. I avoid Flatpak, etc. because it tends to be several revisions behind.

If I recall correctly I ran the shell script from the website for my initial install and that's what created ~/.joplin in the first place.

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Tnx for your answer. I now uninstall (the Flatpak) version of Joplin and install Joplin from installation script on
When the next version arrives, I will use your suggestion (copy the AppImage) for upgrade process.

You do not have to do that. All you have to do is run the same install command again. If you look at the command line you copied from the website you will see that the script that is downloaded is called If it finds that there is a newer release version it will perform an update.

If you have not QUIT Joplin first, after the update you will have to QUIT and restart Joplin for the new version AppImage to take over.

That's not a problem. The version numbers of Joplin Desktop / Android / IOS do not necessarily keep "in step". In other words it is quite normal for the most current version numbers of them to be different!

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  1. Ok, tnx for the information.
  2. Until yesterday, I thought that different versions were not problem (and the version number for Android is lower than those for desktop). But I was surprised when I upgrade on Windows to 2.10.18 and then Joplin on Linux (with version 2.9.17) shows an error: "Unknown profile version. Most likely this is an old version ..."
    All my Joplin apps are synced via Nextcloud.

Sometimes a core part Joplin like its database is updated. When this new version is installed it can make the database incompatible with older client versions.

The fact that the latest client versions on a particular platform (Desktop, Android, IOS) may each have a different version number is not a problem. However if a core change has been made, not updating all clients to their latest version can be. That is why you saw the "Unknown profile version. Most likely this is an old version ..." message.

Please see the "Installation" section of the README: (I would post a link but the forums do not allow me to)

On Linux, the recommended way is to use the following installation script as it will handle the desktop icon too:

wget -O - | bash

The Flatpak version isn't official. It doesn't mean it's bad, but it won't play well with the official version and tends to lag in release version.

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