Not starting in tray after updated

Since I updated (Version 1.0.216 now), Joplin does not start in tray anymore.
How to return to last version (appimage)?
Manjaro XFCE-4

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I have found that Joplin IS starting in the tray you just can't see / click the icon. In this post @laurent explains that this is due to an upstream issue with Electron (GitHub issue link in the forum post).

I have always had Joplin set to start minimised upon login. In Linux Mint I can put a shortcut to Joplin on the desktop and clicking on that opens Joplin a bit like clicking on the system tray icon. By this I mean that unlike the system tray icon you don't have to right-click & " open", just double-click and it opens the minimised Joplin.