How to Use Plugins?

How do I use plugins that I've installed? Yes, I'm a Joplin newbie, so please gently place this stupid question in the "there-are-no-stupid-questions" category. I'm using Joplin 2.8.8 (Windows 11).

I can find no obvious, intuitive or other way to use any of the six plugins I've installed (Autolinker, Email Note, Insert Date, Note Tabs, Paste Special, Text Colorize). No new icons have appeared in Joplin and I cannot find any new menu items that would activate the plugin.

Thanks for your help.

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Summary: Make sure you restart the app!

I'll demo the "Note Tabs" plugin. After clicking "install",

After clicking "restart now" and re-opening Joplin,

(Lastly, I'm resizing the right tab-bar to make additional space for the note:)

While writing this post, I accidentally started Joplin under the wrong user account (and was thus missing the "Note Tabs" plugin after installing it). Make sure when you re-open Joplin, it's under the same user!


Thanks for that detailed response. I had not trouble installing the plugins. And I restarted the app manually (and by rebooting my computer). But I still see none of the plugin features, even though they all show being active in my Plugins list.

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Try uninstalling all of the plugins except for the note tabs plugins (we can focus on getting that one to work, then re-installing the others). Does it work with just the one plugin installed?

Thanks for the quick reply. I'm about to jump into a lengthy meeting but will return to this as soon as I can.

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Your suggestion was very helpful. Uninstalling all plugins and re-installing only Note Tabs worked. And it was obvious how it worked. I then installed the other plugins and all of them are visible and working, except Autolinker. The icon for that plugin shows up but clicking on it doesn't seem to do anything. Despite un/reinstalling it multiple times, no luck. If you have insight into Autolinker, let me know. Otherwise, thank you for your excellent help, as all is good now. I am grateful.

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