Installed plugin not visible in settings in Joplin 1.7.11 win

Hi all,
I'm using Joplin 1.7.11 on Windows 10.
I have 4 plugins installed: Note Tabs, Outline, Quick Links and Rich Markdown.

In "Tools > Options" I can only see Note Tabs, Outline and Quick Links, but not "Rich Markdown"
There should also be a "Rich Markdown" specific settings, but it is not visible.
When I try to install "Rich Markdown" again it shows the box but the installation button shows "Installed" and installation is not possible.

Any idea how I can fix that?

Thanks and best regards, Winfried

@wkrass welcome to the forum.

That's odd! I have only seen this happen before when the plugin was not released for an older version of Joplin. However you are using the latest version of Joplin (1.7.11). Also the plugin installs for me using the same version (Joplin and Windows).

To remove the plugin so you can try installing again:

  • Completely quit Joplin (File > Quit)
  • Go to where the plugins are saved (C:\Users\<your_username>\.config\joplin-desktop\plugins)
  • Delete
  • Restart Joplin
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@dpoulton Thank you very much for your support.

I have done everything, but when I try to install "Rich Markdown" again the installation button still shows "Installed". Is there perhaps another place in Joplin where a switch regarding the installed plugins is set?

Was there a file there for you to delete? Also, are you using the desktop version for Windows or the "Portable" version?

It seems that Joplin is a somehow "remembering" as my copy will not let me reinstall either. It does not do this for any other plugin I have removed this way. Looks like there could be a bug of some sort.

@CalebJohn any idea if this is Joplin or the plugin?

Check ~/.config/joplin/cache and ~/.config/joplin/tmp too

Tried that

Deleted from cache and not present in tmp. Still shows as being installed.

It appears that you can delete and reinstall this plugin using Joplins settings but removing the jpl file from \plugins somehow leaves Joplin thinking that it is still installed.


Something to try is to download the plugin file itself directly from the Joplin Plugins GitHub page and manually install it.

Go to the github page for the plugin following this link. It will show you the text of the code. There is a button above and to the right marked "Raw". Click it and you should be asked if you want to download the plugin file ( Download it into your Downloads folder.

Go to the main plugins settings page in Joplin and above and to the left of the "cards" for your installed plugins you should see a "cog" icon. Click it and select "Install from file". Navigate to the plugin file you just downloaded and select it. Joplin will request a restart and after that (hopefully) your plugin will be there and working.


Thank you very much! You saved my day.

I was able to install the plugin successfully according to your description.

I think it's probably a coincidence, I'm not doing anything funky (that I know about!).

Glad to see this working, I'll take a look at my code (and compare against others) to see if there is anything weird going on.

It's strange that after deleting the jpl from plugins Joplin still thinks that it is installed and will not let you install it again. I have manually deleted other plugins and this did not happen; Joplin just added the plugin again. It even happened using the portable version which surprised me. Admittedly it was run on a system that had a desktop version on it (shut down). So I do not know if the portable version picked anything up from the data that they both place in AppData.

Maybe Joplin was only hidden in system tray and not closed completely?


It's not just the Rich Markdown plugin that cannot be manually deleted without preventing it being reinstalled using the plugins settings page.


No, it was shut down.


This was tested on a clean Windows VM using Joplin portable.

Two I picked at random were the Backup and the Backlinks plugins. These also cannot be reinstalled if manually deleted as Joplin thinks they are still present.

I did find a table in the database that appears to hold plugin information and, of course, if a plugin is manually deleted Joplin will not know.

settings > plugin.states

    "io.github.jackgruber.backup": {
        "deleted": false,
        "enabled": true,
        "hasBeenUpdated": false
    "joplin.plugin.ambrt.backlinksToNote": {
        "deleted": false,
        "enabled": true,
        "hasBeenUpdated": false

Both these plugins are not in the plugins folder but Joplin shows them as installed so you cannot install them again using settings. It has to be done manually.

If you delete a plugin using Joplin its data gets cleared from this record.

If this is what's causing it, it is probably easier to remove...

Alternatively you can simply remove *.jpl from the plugin directory (see Installing a plugin section). The change will be reflected on application restart.

from the "Uninstalling Plugins" section of the web-site!

I manually edited the database to clear the data from plugin.states and both plugins became available for installing again.

@laurent - Just for your info.

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